Dear recruiters

I started writing this on LinkedIn, but then couldn't stop.

Dear recruiters. I am happily employed, but as anyone, I sometimes go through my spam folder. So here are some tips, free of charge. They may help you at your job. On the highly unlikely event that actual recruiters will read this, here it goes.

You want to get someone to work at your company or the one you are recruiting for? Please take an extra moment to make sure that:

  • the position you are recruiting for is not lower than the one that is listed on someone's profile page. I'm sure Junior developers are highly praised and looked upon as gods at your companies but I left that position 6+ years ago.
  • you are actually recruiting in the general technology area that my profile is listed. PHP may be the best technology ever for you, but  I won't go near it willingly.
  • 3000+/5000+/INFINITY+ connections? You must get up really early in the morning. Here's a cookie.
  • I am simply dying to be kept up-to-date with market opportunities that fit my profile. I'm sure you'll leverage your social connection synergies to match me to some large-enterprise/huge opportunity/promising startup every day now.
  • Spam is hated for a reason.  Don't be a spammer. Generic messages sent to hundreds of people don't work.
  • "We would be grateful if you could send us your contact data". I'm not sure how this message was even delivered to me since you clearly don't have my contact data. Besides, with my LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, this blog, my Twitter account, there is simply NO WAY to get in touch with me. Now, where shall I fax my contact info?

Take time to read someone's profile, blog, interests, use correct spelling and common sense.  I'm sure the people you work for will appreciate you getting the attention of people they will then want to work with. The keyword here is people. Not candidates, not potentials, not resources. In the end, it's always people who do the work.