How to avoid writing a blog post in 10 easy steps


1. Complain you don't have enough time

2. Google your subject before writing down the first words.

3. Discover there are already 10 sites, a wikipedia page and several communities dedicated to the subject

4. Proceed to consume all of the above, including related links from the wikipedia page.

5. Complain loudly that you won't be able to cover this subject without knowing ALL there is about the subject

6. Get sidetracked by email notifications popping up on the phone

7. Oh, someone favorited one of my tweets.

8. Why don't I check out his blog, which may or may not be related to the subject

9. Complain that you can never get things done and are an absolute failure as a writer.

10. Make a top 10 list of why you can't write something about the subject.